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Исследовательские сверхвысоковакуумные установки фирмы RIBER для молекулярно-лучевой эпитаксии

For RIBER, the Research and Development business remains a strategically important part of its activity because the company's presence in this segment of the MBE machine market enhances what RIBER believes to be its strong brand image and reputation for technical performance and product reliability among MBE research scientists who may be influential in a company's decision to select the supplier of a production system. The RIBER's continued involvement in R&D programs also allows it to follow closely advances in evolving technologies and to detect opportunities for future industrial applications of these technologies. For example, the Compact 21, the latest model in the company's line of MBE research machines, was developed within the framework of the 'ANISET'

(Advanced Nitrogen Source for Epitaxy of Thin Film) project financed by the European Community. Concluded at the end of 1999, the project was funded by the EC in collaboration with several partners with the goals of developing a more cost-effective MBE R&D machine and of researching the potential applications of gallium nitride-based epiwafers in the production of blue laser diodes, which are compound semiconductor devices that emit blue laser beams, for increased data storage. Since the introduction of its first R&D machine in 1975 (MBE 500), as of year-end 2002 RIBER had designed, manufactured and shipped more than 380 research machines, with a majority of MBE 32 (picture). The features of each model are adapted to and accommodate the compound semiconductor source materials used, which depend on the research objectives of the use (For further information, go to the selection guide).

Gas-source MBE > The RIBER's MBE research machines enable customers to use either solid or gas sources in accordance with their particular research and development goals or pilot production objectives. MBE techniques using gas sources or a combination of gas and solid are used to make epiwafers for the production of electronic devices with enhanced performance capabilities through the use of lower expitaxial process temperatures, to increase the possibilities of higher epitaxial growth rates than currently possible with MBE using solid source materials, and to make epiwafers for the production of high quality compound semiconductors made up of four elements, such as GaInAsP.

Silicon Germanium > In addition to MBE research machines, RIBER also manufactures an ultra-high vacuum chemical vapor deposition epitaxial reactor called the Epineat SiGe for use in either the research of silicon-based compound epitaxy techniques or in the pilot production of silicon germanium epiwafers. Ultra-high vacuum chemical vapor deposition is a technique in which gas source materials are deposited onto a surface in an ultra-high vacuum chamber. Each of the three Epineat SiGe reactors the company has sold since it introduced this model in 1992 are still in operation. Although the commercial uses of silicon germanium are presently limited, recent developments in SiGe technology have made it increasingly probable that within the next few years electronic devices made from silicon germanium compound semiconductors will offer a competitive alternative to some gallium arsenide-based compound semiconductor devices manufactured from epiwafers produced with MBE technology.

RESEARCH SYSTEM SELECTION GUIDE Select your research system according to your application and wafer size. RIBER offers a complete range of MBE, gas-source MBE and CBE systems for fundamental and applied research applications, including single and multisubstrate models.

  1" 2" 3" 4" (or 3x2") 150-mm 200-mm
 CdHgTe MBE 32 MBE 32 Compact 21      
 InSb MBE 32 MBE 32 Compact 21      
 ZnSe MBE32 MBE32 Compact 21      
 GaAs Compact 21 Compact 21 Compact 21      
 InP Compact 21 Compact 21 Compact 21      
 GaN Compact 21 Compact 21 Compact 21      
 Diamond Compact 21 Compact 21        
 Metals EVA 32 EVA 32 EVA 32      
 SiGe EVA 32 EVA 32 EVA 32 SIVA 45 Epineat SiGe Epineat SiGe
 SiC Compact 21 Compact 21 EVA 32 SIVA 45    

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