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MBE Systems

Промышленная сверхвысоковакуумная МЛЭ установка RIBER MBE49

Промышленная сверхвысоковакуумная МЛЭ установка

MBE 49 Series
Multi-4" MBE production system

The MBE 49 system is a flexible 4x4" MBE production system and provides all the necessary components, pre-growth treatment and in-situ characterization capabilities required for the high-volume production of epiwafers used in the fabrication of electronic and optoelectronic device such as MESFETs, P-HEMTs, HBTs and pump lasers. With over 13,400 4" wafers per year capacity, this fully automated multiwafer production system has set the industry standard for volume GaAs epi in terms of throughput, performance and cost-effectiveness.

Today, the MBE 49 system has the largest installed base of any 4x4" MBE system, all vendors included, and has become a favourite for MBE-based pump laser manufacturers, with multiple-orders from several of the key players in this field.

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