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See also Valved RF Plasma source

  • Easy to use (DN40CF 70cm system correcting flange)
  • Easy to correct
  • 13.56 Mhz high brightness plasma
  • No leaks PBN RF plasma cavity, no copper pipe, no brazing construction
  • Highest atomic species production efficiency on the market
  • GaN growth at rates in excess of several µm per hour
  • Low gas consumption thanks to its high efficiency
The curves show the atomic N peaks intensity of the plasma source versus RF power for different N2 flow rates, the results are obtained on a high atomic N flux ADDON RF Plasma source fitted for GaN growth. These conditions correspond to GaN growth speed varaying from 0,2 to 1,5 microns/hour. Note the small N2 flow used, thanks to the high efficiency of this unit. The following figure shows the system pressure when pumped by a 100 l /s pump.
RF Source
The stability of N* peaks reflects the plasma condition stability over very long periods, as are required for Bragg mirror growth
(typically more than 10 hours for thick layers)
This source produces a flux of either Nitrogen or Oxygen atoms by means of DC plasma dissociation of a molecular gas
( N2, O2...)

  • Growth of nitrides (GaN, GaAsN, AlN, InN..)
  • Nitrogen doping ( Silicon, II-VI materials)
  • Hydrogen (III V, Si cleaning; surfactant effect; selective epi)
  • Oxidation ( Superconductor thin films, oxides)
  • Etching
  • Carbon doping ( III-V doping)
  • Carbonation ( SiC, diamond like materials)
  • As, P, S, Se beams from solids materials.


  • Easy to install ( small connecting flange DN40CF, 2" 3/4). UHV design.
  • Easy to operate with only a DC power supply.
  • Stable and clean atom flux ( from 1014 to 1019 at. /cm2 s) .
  • Very small heat dissipation.
  • Very small plasma vessel volume permitting a very short evacuation time.
  • Two access ports to the plasma volume.


Port: 38 CF ( 2"), minimum in-vacuum length 250 mm .
Gas introduction: two miniflanges or VCR. Plasma pressure: from 0.2 to 2 torr , gas flux 0.5 to several cc / min.
Power supply: 1200 to 2000 Volts x 40 mA.

Addon RF source design :

The ADDON source uses a 13.56Mhz high brightness plasma to produce an atomic species beam from a gas (or solid). An innovative RF cavity / coil coupling is used to obtain the highest atomic species production efficiency on the market for an RF plasma. The source design also maintains the cavity at a high temperature to minimise unwanted energetic ion extraction. A novel ZC circuit gives an ease of tuning never achieved before.
The active atoms are injected into the growth chamber through a series of small holes at the RF cavity extremity. The number of holes can be optimised for particular applications. For example a small N atoms flux is easily achieved for GaAsN growths by adding a low flux diaphragm
The resulting flux density permits (for example) the growth of GaN at rates in excess of several µm per hour.

Model Number Description
PRF-N-600* RF Plasma source for nitrides growth

    DN40CF (2 3/4" - 70 mm) mounting flange
    283,5 mm In-vacuum length
    Plasma observation viewport and N2 gas inlet on miniflanges
    Integrated water cooling (approx. 0,6 l / min)
    Manual RF tuning unit with cooling fan and cable (120 or 240 volts)
    Water flow meter and water switch for generator interlock

RD3-PRF Optional Atomic N beam flux restrictor for GaAsN or doping

    Source end mechanical interface
    Set of 3 diaphragms user replacable

SID-PRF Optional Plasma Monitor for atomic peaks light detection and monitor

    This unit is mounted on the plasma viewport and permits detection and monitoring of the optical emission of the atomic peaks (specify the gas used in the plasma source).
    Mechanical interface
    Detector and filter
    High signal on noise I/V amplifier (10+5 to 10+9) and cables

PS600-PRF Power supply Controller/Generator

    600 Watts - 13,56 MHz
    7 m RF cable

* For Ammonia, Oxygen or Hydrogen use, please specify at order. Source model numbers are following:
Ammonia: PRF-NH-PS600
Oxygen: PRF-OX-PS600
Hydrogen: PRF-HY-PS600
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